Batman Christmas

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Merry Christmas! We had a great week. Mark's parents housed Merrill and me for a few days so that Mark could have a much needed mini-vacation of some time to himself.  We had a blast playing games, running errands and genuinely spending some time with family! I love that my family-in-law is really family. I am blessed! Mark joined us for Christmas Eve and now we are all home on Christmas day.
One of the traditions, I love the most from my youth is Christmas PJ's - so I carry it on. Mark and I got matching scrub pants (and yes we happened to have these shirts around the house) and I purchased Merrill his very own Batman PJ's to match. 
We had so much fun Christmas morning opening presents, giving presents and watching Merrill run around enjoying the sprit of the holiday! 

Grandpa and Grandma Nott got Merrill a glow worm (which Mark had the original of when he was young) He gave it hugs, kisses and carried around all morning!

We just had a wonderful Christmas  and I had to show off some of my cookies I made for our ward Christmas party! 


Just that lazy!

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Here is our Christmas Card! 
Merry Christmas!

Merrill's Day Spa

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Learning to walk is hard work!

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Christmas things I have been thinking about:
1 - I am super excited for the Christmas this year!
2 - This will be Merrill's 2nd Christmas (last year he was only 2 months old and didn't really care - not that he will this year, but I will!)
3 - I love everything about Christmas - trees, lights, smells, feelings, food, everything!
4 - Our 4 year anniversary is coming up too! Dec 17th, I can't believe it.
5 -  As much as I love Christmas and the whole season, to me Christmas shouldn't start until the day after Thanksgiving - however with all of the decorations up, music on the radio etc. - I am getting excited early. I just hope I am not sick of it by the time the actually holiday rolls around!
6 - Mark and I already bought our Christmas presents for each other online when we bought Matt's birthday present to save on shipping, but I have wrapped them and hid them away so that we can have the fun anticipation, and hopefully forget what we bought!
7 - I am looking for any good Christmas recipes anyone wants to share!
8 - I miss my high school choir days where we performed Christmas songs multiple times a week all around. (Nursing homes, church parties, etc.)
9 - I am looking forward to Christmas morning, we get to spend it with Mark's side of the family this year and they are awesome!!!
10 -  I wished I had practiced the piano more so I could play the Christmas songs for myself and didn't have to sing along with the radio. (But I have told myself I can't listen to too much Christmas music until after Thanksgiving!)
That's all for now, but by the way HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Merrill's First Snow

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Merrill is a lot like his daddy - especially in his inherent distain for being cold!

dangerous dinner

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Check out the video Mark put on his blog - Exploding Casserole Dish


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I don't have any pictures! Our weekend was documented on video, and we are having trouble transferring it so sorry all, for now you get a text only update!
#1 October 30 - Merrill turned 1! We had a fun, but small party for him here, including balloons, cake and Merrill trivia (the Grandmas and Aunts pounced on the guys in that game!) But it was fun. The "icing on the cake" was that Merrill walked! He did it in front of all the guests and it was great! (Once we get the video working I will prove it!)
#2 Halloween - Grandma Nott bought Merrill an adorable bear costume so Mark (of course) had to be a hunter and I dressed up as a honey bee. We went to Lehi and visited the Grandmas and Grandma Merrill served "Halloweenies" and "Boos." Cute! We had fun with the rest of Merrill's cousins seeing the beautiful costumes!
#3 Mark changed his work schedule so we acutally had an evening to have fun! Danny and Heather came over and we all shared an awesome Papa Murphy's chicken pizza and chocolate ice cream - yummy!
#4 Sunday - I was sustained and set apart as the new 2nd counselor of the primary presidency in our ward. I am super excited! I get to play at church!
All, in all a big weekend!


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I have been challenged by Amy to put this up on my blog super fast- and I think I will win because Heather is moving, but you never know!
Fastest Post Challenge!
1. Any nickname? ... Deb, Debbie, Babe (from Mark) - Debaroni Macaroni (from my dad)
2. Mother's name? .... Rebecca
3. Favorite drink? .... Water or apple juice
4. There was no 4 listed...
5. Body Piercing? .... 1 hole in each ear
6. How much do you love your job? ... I love being a wife and mommy
7. Birthplace? .... AF, Utah
8. Favorite vacation spot .... Ruby's Inn, and Springhaven
9. Ever been to Africa ? .... Nope, too much dirt
10. Ever eaten just cookies for dinner? .... I don't think so
11. Ever been on TV? .... Yes, when my parents were on the news for a book they had written.
12. Ever steal any traffic signs? .... No way!
13. Ever been in a car accident? .... No
14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? .... 4 door  -car seat would be tricky with 2
15. Can you drive a standard car? No, I have tried several times, but no
16. Favorite pie? YES
17. Favorite number? ....7
18. Favorite movie? .... I couldn't say at the moment...
19. Favorite holiday? .... Christmas!!
20. Favorite dessert? .YES
21. Favorite food? .... today... Spinach (yeah, I know crazy huh?)
22. Favorite day of the week? ....  Sundays
23. Favorite brand of body soap? .... Dove - I like their marketing
24. Favorite toothpaste? .... Aquafresh
25. Favorite smell? .... Mark
26. How do you relax? .... Yoga
27. How do you see yourself in 10 years? ... 34 and loving it!
28. Furthest place you will send this message to? .... My blog readers
29. Who will duplicate and post this the fastest? No one, I have done too many tags lately!


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Our stake has been challenged to read all of the General Conference talks from this last conference before the beginning of December - when we will have stake conference.
I AM LOVING IT! I am taking one or two talks a day and reading them - and it has been such a joy. I of course miss a few days, but all in all it is awesome.
Today I read Elder Worthlin's talk called Come What May, and Love it. I loved the story about his poor daughter on her blind date! 

Best Birthday!

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Thank you everyone! I had such a great birthday! My day started waking up to flowers and my favorite Raspberry Hot Chocolate from Mark on the table and TONS of e-mails and well wishes from all of you! THANK YOU!!!
Then Mark gave me a gift card and I got a fun shirt and a pair of jeans that actually fit (that hasn't happened since about 12 weeks into my pregnancy!)

THEN, on Friday Mark took me out to an early dinner at my (not his) favorite restaurant - The Olive Garden. Then on Saturday Heather, Mary and Anna went with me to go see HSM 3 while Mom Nott watched Merrill and Mark got to go to a BYU game with his dad. This is a picture of Heather and me in line with all of the 6 year olds! It was super cheesy, cute, silly, romantic and just way fun!
Thank you all for such a SUPER BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! Yeah to being 24 and feeling 12!!!!

Great day

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A few reasons why today is a great day:
Merrill didn't wake up until 6!
I ate a big breakfast - it was yummy!
Merrill was content to watch TV for a while and Mark was able to sleep!
I was under budget on my weekly groceries thanks to Macey's!
My house has stayed relatively clean for 2 whole days!
Mark is out shopping for a birthday present for me!
We inherited a new down comforter!
I got to shower before 10!
I have all my homework done for my math class today, and I actually understood most of it!
I found out that I am only 10 classes shy of my associates degree!
Canned pumpkin was on sale so I am going to make pumpkin bread for breakfast tomorrow!
I love fall weather - it smells so good, there are leaves on the ground, the sun is shining...
It is just a great day so I had to share!

More photos from Nott family Photo day...

So Romantic!

My boys

Mary, Me and Anna
Yeah for great days!

High School Tag

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1) Did you date someone from your school? Not during high school, but later I married Mark - we got to know each other in Seminary and from doing a few shows together (this is an awful picture of the cast of The Secret Garden)
2)What kind of car did you drive? White Geo Prism
3)Did you pass your driver's license test the first time? The driving, yes. But I had to take the written one 3 times!
4) Were you a party animal? Only with my family
5) Were you considered a flirt? This is a funny one, because I totally was but at the time I had no clue!
6) Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? Encore Show Choir
7) Were you a nerd? Oh yeah.
8)Were you on any varsity teams? Nope - sports and I don’t get along.
9) Did you ever get expended or expelled? No, but I got arrested as a joke for the April Fool’s addition of the School paper.10) Can you still sing your fight song? If I heard the music again
11) Who were your favorite teachers? Mama Manu - Encore, and Mrs. P (AP English) and Jan (drama)
12) Where did you sit at lunch? Varied
13) What is your school's full name? Lehi High School
14) School mascot and colors - Pioneers was the official mascot but at football games we had a girl that looked somewhat like a fur trapper. Purple/White
15) Did you go to homecoming and who with? I was only old enough to go to one homecoming - my Senior year, my date was Dane Casper
16) If you could go back and do it again, would you? Yes and No. I had a lot of fun, but I am very pleased with my life and who I am becoming.
17) What do you remember most about graduation? I tripped.
18) Where did you go on Senior Skip Day ? We didn’t have one - but grad night was at the Lehi Legacy Center
19)Were you in any clubs? National Honor’s Society, Seminary Council, Encore Choir
20) Have you gained weight since then? Well, I did have a baby!
21) Who was your prom date? Junior Year, Dane Casper again, and Senior Year Adam Shephard.
22) Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? Maybe, I prefer going to Mark’s - I was friends with more of his grade than mine.
23) Did you have a job while in high school? During the summers I worked at Thanksgiving Point, and for my parents.I tag: Jamie Smiley, Michelle Callihan, and Mark Nott! : )

Math woes

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I got docked on my math homework because the side of the box I drew around my answer looked like a 1 added to my 2 making it into a 12. I am kinda mad.

why not?

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Sometimes I get in the mood and do stuff like this... and I increase my chances by posting this link on my blog - why not?

Birthday Party Confession!

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First off, let me clarify that there is a difference between being a fan and being obsessed. I am not obsessed, meaning I don't have Troy on my pillowcase, or try to dress like Gabrellia, but I confess to being a fan of High School Musical! It is just a happy, clean, and fun movie that I really like! I like that there are high school kids playing high school kids and it is just the dream of what high school should be. 
So, with this confession, I am also announcing that for my birthday I am going to go see High School Musical 3! It comes out the day after I turn 24 and I am inviting anyone that wants to come! Just get your ticket through here for $6.50 and join me for the showing at Jordan Landing on  Saturday, October 25 at 2:10 p.m. Happy Birthday to me!
* Let me know if you are coming!

What a Weekend!

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For Starters - We were on fall break from school and re-painted our condo! (Just the kitchen and living room) - but it took a lot of work! Last year we got our paint from Wal-Mart - DON'T! Nothing matched what we picked out, trying to go back to get the same color was impossible, and it was just in bad shape, so after a whole year of staring at it - we finally found time and money to do it! I mostly worked while Merrill was napping, or late at night while Mark was at work and Merrill was down for the night. But, Merrill played with his Aunts - Mary and Anna all day on Saturday and Mark and I had a great day working together and listening to conference! (I am so grateful for Mary and Anna!!!! THANK YOU GIRLS!!!)

Merrill and I were playing with painters tape - then he started watching TV - I had to sneak up on him to get this picture! He wouldn't take it off of his forehead!

Second, after reading Jamie's Blog about pumpkin pancakes I wanted to make a fun breakfast for Sunday morning - I just about killed my husband with Chocolate Waffles a la mode! They were awesome, but really sweet.

Third, I had a great time with my side of the family for our Priesthood n' Pie night - and I am excited for my two new nieces! Congrats to Dan and soon to be congrats to Mary!

Then, of course Merrill is just as adorable as ever!  He has started talking into everything as if it were a phone - this is the first time he as starting talking to something without buttons! (Note that we no more have bright unfinished red paint on the wall behind him!)
So, in conclusion: Thank you to Mary and Anna, My moms, Mark, and Lowes for knowing how to make paint a decent color!!!

My Boys at play...

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Since I have started school the boys are really getting a great relationship! They have some fun one-on-one time while I am gone. Here are some videos to share the joy... and one of the few chances I have had to get Merrill's laugh on video!

P.S. Merrill really does wear cloths most of the time - it is just that after dinner is family play time and I don't want to change him into a new shirt right before a bath - he is a rather messy eater!

Husband Tag!

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Husband Tag!I have been tagged! (Thank you Melissa!) I needed motivation! I haven’t blogged forever - so here goes. These types of things are so weird, because I can't get it all into one answer - but it is fun anyway - Here is about my honey!

Just us

1. Where did you meet? We actually can’t pin point the moment in time, but we both attended Lehi High School and really got to know each other in Brother Simmons’ Seminary Class.

2. How long did you date before you got married? 6 months - but we knew each other for for about 4 years before that.
Mark Proposed with a play reenacting our friendship/courtship and pulled me up on stage at the end.

I made these shirts after we saw Napoleon Dynamite - we were the first!

3. How long have you been married? Almost 4 years

December 17, 2004

4. What does he do that surprises you? I am amazed at just how constant Mark is. He is so steady, and secure. However, I am surprised at the new technology that somehow sneaks into our life!
5. What is your favorite feature of his? Definitely his eyes. They are the most startling color, and very dramatic with his dark hair. 
6. What is your favorite quality of his? I love everything about Mark. He makes me laugh, is a wonderful husband and father - and I really appreciate that he holds the priesthood. It sounds kind of selfish, (and cheesy) but one of the things that I appreciate the most is the qualities he brings out in me. He helps me be the me I want to be just by being who he is.
7. Does he have a nickname for you? Deb, or babe. (I love both)
8. What is his favorite color? White, black or silver - the classy colors of his favorite technology... (Mac computers, I pods, plasma tv screens...)

9. What is his favorite food? Chocolate
10. What is his favorite sport? Podcast Appreciation/Tivo viewing/blogging - he stays up on everyones blogs religiously.
11. When and where was your first kiss? We actually have 2 first kiss stories, before Mark left on his mission, he kissed me on the cheek and asked if we could go out if I was still around when he got home. Then when he did get home, I kissed him - on our second date! (I know - kinda forward huh?) It was at my parent’s house in the carport. 
12. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Movies and occasional outings. Mark loves the Mac store, I love going to the temple or window shopping.
13. Do you have any children? Merrill Grant Nott, he is almost 1 year old now!
14. Does he have a hidden talent? Mark plays the drums, has an uncanny knack to know lyrics to a song after only hearing a few notes of the intro, and he will never admit it, but he has a great singing voice too!
15. How old is he? 25
16. Who said I love you first? He did, believe me I was quick to respond.
17. What's his favorite type of music? Mark is a real music enthusiast. He knows so many songs! He was raised on classic rock, and got into Pearl Jam in junior high. He loves piano rock, and lately we have both discovered the joy of Michael Bouble.
18. What do you admire most about him? His obedience to the Lord. He knows what is right, he knows what he needs to do and plugs along with love and dedication. He is also so logical. He approaches each decision in our life with a clear head and logical thought.
19. Do you think he will read this? Yeah, and think it is totally cheesy!I Tag: Jamie Smiley, Heather Kimball, Chelsey Bean, and Krystal Jolley. Have fun!!

Just Being Cute

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Here are just some fun pictures of our kid!

Merrill on the Moon

Merrill reading his "Think Geek" magazine

Merrill in his PJ's from his Aunt Cathy, and Slippers from Grandma Nott!

Spaghetti, YUMMY!!!

Healing Field

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I used to work for the Colonial Flag Foundation.
Every Year on 9/11 they post flags in memory of the victims in the Sandy Mall behind Target at Sandy. It is one of the most moving memorials I have ever experienced (even if I didn't use to work with them.) I totally recommend going. There are actually fields all across the country to remember everything from victims of child abuse, military, education etc.  
This year at Sandy they have added the education model - I took Merrill, it made good memories for me, along with remembering... CHECK IT OUT!


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Back in 2005 Mark and I wanted to go on an outing without spending money we didn't have. So, thanks to some weird tourist website, we found the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake.
It was pretty fun to spend time together and talk, but the place is basically a bunch of trashed gardens with an international theme. Occasionally you can pick out a country they are trying to represent with a flag, but mostly it is a joke.

We decided to take Merrill back (another free way to get out of the house.)

This time it was pretty much the same EXCEPT for the fact that we ran into at least 4 couples making out! I guess it is the hottest romantic spot in SLC now that temple square is under construction!!!
The rest of my pictures aren't loading...I am not feeling patient enough to figure out why. Maybe I will put them up later.

I love my Geek!

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It is sad, but for us, this is really close to the truth!

Western Family Wins!

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The Grocery Guru advertises a cheaper and easier way to buy groceries - I tried the basics of his method, and I was running through the store, thumbing through coupons, and found other brands right next to the recommend ones that were the same price or cheaper! For me, Western Family Wins! They are easy to find, inexpensive products, and I don't have to mess with coupons. Yes, I do appreciate the weekly menu from "the guru", I use it as a suggestion and get all Western Family brand products instead! 

Cosby Show

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Merrill's First Haircut!

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When Merrill was born his head was pretty bald! But his hair was growing  in so well, the back was getting a little shaggy looking. I was hoping it would be thicker so that the little natural curl that he got from Mark would make it curl up around the back of his collar, but it just looked like a mullet! So, alas, the cute curl had to go! 

 This was all we got from the cut, and I got a good chunk out of the back (it is hard to get a moving target!) But, he looks pretty good!

Oh! Sorry I forgot to add to my other blog, I am going to SLCC! (Math and Philosophy!)

Here I go!!!

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I'm off! I am going to go back to school! I start this semester!!! 
I am right with Cousin Jamie it would have been a lot easier to do this before I was married with a kid - but a few things have inspired me on this decision.

#1 - The talk given by Elder Ballard  in the last General Conference.  I have always wanted to be a mommy, and now that I am  - it is weird for me to realize that I can do other stuff too - in fact I should! Merrill needs more than just me! It will be great for he and Mark to spend some time with just the two of them on a regular basis!

#2 -  St. Chapel Cathedral in Paris:
The first semester after Mark and I were married, before I started full time work, I took a class in Art History and I fell in love with this beautiful cathedral! I am going to get my degree in humanities and emphasize my study in art history.

#3 My Mom. 
One of the best memories I have of my mother is on my very first day at BYU (5 years ago!) She called me as I was walking to my first class and wished me luck saying that the "smell of freshly sharpened pencils was in the air!" My mother has ALWAYS loved learning! She instilled in my by her example the desire to learn and never stop. All that she has been able to do and be inspires me.


Encore Show Choir

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In High School I was in a group called Encore - it was a blast!!! Last weekend we had a reunion (I can't believe it has been 6 years!) Anyway, none of my pictures from the reunion really turned out, but it was so much fun to see friends, and watch videos of old performances!

Pills in the Air

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This clip is a little long, but I only like the first half.
I like it for 2 reasons:
#1 How the reporters say Beijing (there has been controversy/teasing on the news on the way to pronounce it.)
#2 The pill demonstration, just after the "expert" tells the reporter how bad the air quality is for the Olympics - he demonstrates it in a very medicinal way...

The viewers apparently can't grasp that 10x means 10 more... yeah. I thought it was great.

Family Photos!

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The Merrill Family

The Nott Family


'Nuff Said

No Pants!

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Warning to readers:
This is just a "cute baby moment" Mommy blog.
It has been so hot lately, and our cooler has been having some issues, so I have been cooling Merrill off by letting him crawl around the house a little "scantily clad". : ) Earlier this week I put him down for a nap and when I went to get him out of his crib he was standing up, playing with the baby monitor (we have one with a built in night light that turns on and off when you tap on it) and had crawled out of his pants all by himself. He is so fun and finding all sorts of things to pull himself up on and getting so strong! I love this kid!!!
On a side note - I can't believe it is already August!!!

That's grout!

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The previous owners of our condo, for some reason never put grout in the tile that they laid in the entryway of the front room. I have been just dealing with it (the dirt, the bugs and the icky look) but thanks to my friend Brittany, we took the initiative and did it! I am so proud of myself! I feel empowered! There are so many other things that need to work around here (baseboards, paint, new floor in the kitchen) and with Mark going to work and school he just doesn't have time! Who knows what I will attempt next!

So fun!

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After everyone's warnings I was really worried about Merrill's ability to crawl - but I AM LOVING IT! It is great! He really entertains himself a lot and now parenting has changed from trying to find ways to keep him happy to keeping him from eating something he shouldn't. He is also pulling himself up to standing on our furniture and  he just seems so much older! He is really a little human and not so much of a baby anymore! He likes to "play" Wii, and he loves his toys. Thank you garage sales! I have found so many great toys there that he just loves.

Crawling Chaos

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Merrill can crawl! He has gotten it down pretty well, however, pants that are a little too big plus a slippery surface...

Boys and boo-boos!

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Merrill had his first boo-boo today! I cried more than he did when I caught him from falling off of the bed and accidently gave him a little rug burn on his forehead. It is so tiny and you can barely see it in the picture. I know that kids in general get hurt, and having a boy will be even tougher - but it was so sad I was a wreck!