All Hail the Graduate!

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So this is kinda an exciting post for me. In 2002 I graduated from Lehi High school... then went on to...
After Mark and I were married we moved to Salt Lake County and I enrolled at...
8 years, one husband, and two kids later... I WILL GET MY ASSOCIATES DEGREE! It is in general studies (I couldn't decide!) from SLCC and has been a long journey and taking one or two classes at at time in between life. It has been great. I feel pretty darn good about myself and I even bought a hoodie to commemorate the accomplishment. I will get my diploma in the mail in a few months... that will be cool too.
Anyway - I am proud of myself and just wanted to tell the world!

Christmas Card

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We sent out our own Christmas card this year... but I wanted to share this too!

Temple Square Fun

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On Monday, December 6th we took the kids up to Temple Square to see the lights...

They didn't seem to care too much about the lights, but the highlight of the evening was when I took Merrill up tot the doors of the temple and Merrill started to tell me about the temple... he is so sweet and it is so nice to SOMETHING is sinking in!!!

My boys are cute!

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Mark and Merrill tweaking our TV settings...
On a side note - I LOVE MY CUTE BOYS!!!

Sick, Sick, Sick!

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So, right after Thanksgiving Mark and I got the flu, a week later, I got food poisoning, then Merrill got a runny nose and a cough - now Nora got it and can't breath at night without being sucked out and having a humidifier going full blast... The kids got flu shots, I clean my house... I guess "Tis the Season!"
This is not a pity post... I think it is just an excuse to tell the blog world why I haven't blogged!