WRONG diagnosis!

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So, after our fun trip to the ER last week, Nora's lump looked a little funny... and started draining. That is not typical of a hemangioma. So - in to the doctor again! We were then referred back to Primary Children's Medical Center - this time to talk with the pediatric surgical center. We went yesterday and we now have a new diagnosis - brachial cleft cyst. This is still pretty good. Unless it gets infected again we have a follow up appointment in 2 months and a small removal procedure sometime in the summer when she is older and can tolerate a surgery a little better.
So... there is still no serious risk to our little girl! YEAH!

Medical Issues

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Our Little Angel
When Nora was about 8 days old I noticed a small lump on the side of her neck. The next day it was about double the size and bright red. I kinda got worried and took her in to the pediatrician. Long story short, after a week of antibiotics and various doctors with no progress on this mysterious lump, under our pediatrician's council we headed to the ER of Primary Children's Medical Center fully expecting a surgical procedure on our 2 week old baby girl.
We are so blessed! After about 3 1/2 hours in the ER with about 4 doctors counseling with us and an ultra sound on Nora's neck it was determined that she has a hemangioma which is just a cluster of blood vessels that will continue to grow on her neck for about a year and then go away on it's own. It will look gross for a while and could possibly get huge, but it does not cause her any discomfort and has no real risk to her health! WHAT A BLESSING! I am so grateful for the modern technology that has helped with this and for such a great support team of family and friends around us!

Welcome Nora!

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Welcome to the world Eleanor Rebecca Nott!
Born November 3, 2009
6:10 PM
6 lbs and 10 oz