Merrill's Day Spa

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Learning to walk is hard work!

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Christmas things I have been thinking about:
1 - I am super excited for the Christmas this year!
2 - This will be Merrill's 2nd Christmas (last year he was only 2 months old and didn't really care - not that he will this year, but I will!)
3 - I love everything about Christmas - trees, lights, smells, feelings, food, everything!
4 - Our 4 year anniversary is coming up too! Dec 17th, I can't believe it.
5 -  As much as I love Christmas and the whole season, to me Christmas shouldn't start until the day after Thanksgiving - however with all of the decorations up, music on the radio etc. - I am getting excited early. I just hope I am not sick of it by the time the actually holiday rolls around!
6 - Mark and I already bought our Christmas presents for each other online when we bought Matt's birthday present to save on shipping, but I have wrapped them and hid them away so that we can have the fun anticipation, and hopefully forget what we bought!
7 - I am looking for any good Christmas recipes anyone wants to share!
8 - I miss my high school choir days where we performed Christmas songs multiple times a week all around. (Nursing homes, church parties, etc.)
9 - I am looking forward to Christmas morning, we get to spend it with Mark's side of the family this year and they are awesome!!!
10 -  I wished I had practiced the piano more so I could play the Christmas songs for myself and didn't have to sing along with the radio. (But I have told myself I can't listen to too much Christmas music until after Thanksgiving!)
That's all for now, but by the way HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Merrill's First Snow

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Merrill is a lot like his daddy - especially in his inherent distain for being cold!

dangerous dinner

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Check out the video Mark put on his blog - Exploding Casserole Dish


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I don't have any pictures! Our weekend was documented on video, and we are having trouble transferring it so sorry all, for now you get a text only update!
#1 October 30 - Merrill turned 1! We had a fun, but small party for him here, including balloons, cake and Merrill trivia (the Grandmas and Aunts pounced on the guys in that game!) But it was fun. The "icing on the cake" was that Merrill walked! He did it in front of all the guests and it was great! (Once we get the video working I will prove it!)
#2 Halloween - Grandma Nott bought Merrill an adorable bear costume so Mark (of course) had to be a hunter and I dressed up as a honey bee. We went to Lehi and visited the Grandmas and Grandma Merrill served "Halloweenies" and "Boos." Cute! We had fun with the rest of Merrill's cousins seeing the beautiful costumes!
#3 Mark changed his work schedule so we acutally had an evening to have fun! Danny and Heather came over and we all shared an awesome Papa Murphy's chicken pizza and chocolate ice cream - yummy!
#4 Sunday - I was sustained and set apart as the new 2nd counselor of the primary presidency in our ward. I am super excited! I get to play at church!
All, in all a big weekend!