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Last year my Dad got a lot of garlic from Costco and they didn't eat it all, then decided to throw a bit in the ground to see what would happen... this is what came!
After drying it out for a week...
Jamie and I braided it...
And now we have totally awesome garlic braids to hang in our kitchen!
I feel so Italian!

Day at the Zoo

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Mark finally had a Saturday off and we headed to the Zoo! The weather was great and we had a blast!

The highlight for me was definitely the bird show! Mark and I both got grazed by the feathers of an eagle as it swooshed over our heads!


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Lehi Parade

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Every Year Lehi puts on it's Pioneer Day Parade! We took the kids and had a blast!
We got a little creative with pouring water on Nora's head to keep her cool - her hair is so curly it made fun shapes!

The family fun day at the park was a blast! Nora and I shopped while the boys had fun on the giant blow up toys.