5 Generations

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I am so blessed. I have a wonderful heritage of women in my family. I have always been really close to my mother and grandmother. When Nora was born I was very excited to get this picture taken as a wonderful piece of history!
Left to right: My Grandmother, Hesther L. Williams Rippy. My mother Rebecca Suzann Rippy Merrill. My Step-Great Grandmother Thelma Williams. Center: Me, Deborah Rebecca Merrill Nott, and Eleanor Rebecca Nott.

I hope it will mean as much to Nora someday as it does to me!

Christmas Overdue!

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Here is the long overdue Christmas download!
We started out the month doing a bunch of fun Christmas things that I have always wanted to do with kids including temple square, baking all sorts of yummy treats, dancing to Christmas Music and:

Gingerbread house (from a kit - only $9 at Wal-Mart!)

Merrill's job was the tree and ended up eating most of the decorations anyway...

I finally have Merrill on a morning routine, part of which is coloring a picture... on this particular morning Mark let me sleep in and helped him make a little tree for the big tree and they took a picture to show me! Awesome boys!

It is rather fun to have a girl to put bows on for the holidays! Especially one so cute!!

I am particularly proud of our gift giving this year! We draw names for our families and I made my brother this ensemble... he just got his black belt and loves to cook - I figured he deserved the right out fit for other areas of his life!

This is a picture I just love. Merrill is sporting Anna's new boots, and also a Nott Block t-shirt! Someone (still have no idea who!) made shirts for the whole family! It was so great!
Thank you whoever you are! We love them!!!!!

We had a great Holiday Season with our kids. It is so fun to share the magic! We have had great giving and receiving experience., I am glad Mark has survived the extra holiday hours and that we have a great year ahead of us!
Merry Christmas!