Merrill's Haircut

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My sister-in-law Jen does hair and she is great! Mark and I have been going to her for years for perfect do's. Yesterday we gave it a shot with Merrill. Normally we plop him in front of the TV and Mark buzzes it all off. Merrill hates it - squirms fusses and goes nuts. This time was so different! He has watched us at her house for a long time and knew just what to do. He was so excited!
He held so still!

And.... YES! This is the first time Merrill has really smiled for a picture! Isn't he handsome???? (Yes I am prejudiced!)

Sarcoma Awareness 5K

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I did another 5K today in Sugarhouse. It was for Sarcoma Awareness so my money went to a good cause! I actually ran/jogged almost half this time and I met my goal of not finishing last - I am getting better!
Group shot of 70 participates that helped raise over $1600

Fixing my hair before the race

Merrill ran out to meet me right before the finish line and clapped for me! We crossed together!

Collapsing after

I did it!

Day at the Zoo

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So I imported the pictures backwards, but here was our super fun day at the Zoo!
Merrill's monkey to remember the day by.
Tall giraffes
Riding the Merry-go-round with Aunt Merry, I mean Mary!
We took a family picture and used the closest stand-in we could find as proxy for Mark because he had to work!
Zoo Entrance
Anna Nott, Lesile Liffereth (cousin), Mary Nott, Me, Merrill, Nora, Zoey, Grandma Nott

GREAT DAY!!! Merrill didn't care for the animals as much as the buttons on the info displays, but it was a great time!

Piro 4th of July

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This was a great weekend - not only am I kinda learning to understand Mark's new camera, but the kids had a great time with the fireworks!
This is Mark's shot of his sisters Mary and Anna having fun with sparklers.
The whole neighborhood shows up at my in-laws for the show!
Thanks Danny and Heather Kimball for showing us this awesome trick with steel wool!
Nora LOVED the fireworks!
Merrill... not so much. He liked the camera.
While we were waiting for it to get dark - I took a ride with my brother-in-law Adam. VERY FUN!
Mark did too - I think we need one of these when we retire... or Mark's mid life crisis - which ever comes first.
Merrill and Grandma
He had that balloon on his wrist until we cut it off to put him in bed.

Lehi Parade

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This year my Grandmom, Hesther Rippy was elected to be the Grand Marshal for Lehi City. I am so proud of her! She has done so much for the community and it was a great honor. We took the kids to see her in the parade... and Mark has had a lot of fun with his new camera!
Nora was a doll and hung out under that umbrella way from the sun for most of the parade.
Both Grandma Nott and Merrill went crazy for the candy! : )
Merrill had a lot of fun with some friends he found and for the most part we kept him out of trouble...

Get Together

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Our friend from high school Meg was in town and Chelsey put on an awesome party to get together! Thanks Chelsey!
Chelsey, me and Nora
Patrick and Meg Olsen Hemming, Cole Adams, Kira Nielsen Stott, Chelsey Jones Bean, Dan and Lorainne Evans (soon to be Jackson) Me - Deb Nott, Robin Milam Wheelright, and Mark Nott
So fun to see everyone!