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So Merrill is getting to be so much fun! He continues to amaze me with being in the 97% of kids his age in height and head circumference, but only 20% in weight! 
He is having fun making messes when he eats: 
On Christmas Day Merrill started making his "Big Face." We love it! 

Sleeping tattle tale

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So the three of us sleep in the same room, Mark has a crazy work schedule with nights, early mornings, plus school and we also have a one year old that needs naps ... needless to say we have a weird sleeping schedule around our house. 
Both of my boys are troopers, and occasionally I have had to put Merrill to bed with a bottle to get him to sleep when it is convenient. 
When I wake Mark up from one of his "naps" (he doesn't get full "sleep" right now) he usually has some semi-coherent things to say, but today was my favorite. As I woke him up he asked very seriously, "Time is moving forward... right?"

Awesome Grandma

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Years ago, my Grandmom - Hesther Rippy received a church calling as stake literacy specialist. Being the amazing woman that she is, she founded and is now the much more than full time volunteer director of the Rippy Family Literacy Center in Lehi. The Flash basketball guys gave the center a make-over this year and check it out! Click HERE. 
There is even a short video!