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This blog is late - sorry! So much going on! But this last Wednesday we went to the X96 film festival - Mark entered his Nott Block submission entitled, "Job Interview." HE WON BEST COMEDY!!!!
I am so proud of my awesome hard working and creative hubby!
Here is a link to his blog with the video on it.

And here is a picture of him with his awesome snowboard trophy!!!!

Valentine's Update!

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First update - Adam and Jamie are going to move into the basement and rent it starting in April! Yeah! We don't have to move and get great neighbors!

Second - Valentine's day is my Grandmother's birthday - fitting huh? My sisters and I surprised her with a fun lunch! Happy birthday Grandma!
Merrill picked out this shirt himself and it turned out to be a perfect Valentine's shirt - and yeah... he posed this way by himself too... do you think he has a modeling carreer in his future?
Nora was totally happy most of the day, but didn't want her picture taken for Valentine's... she looked too cute not to!
Update #3 - we took the kids on an outing to Cabella's a few weeks ago. The boys had fun with the games and camping equipment.
Nora liked the free Kettle Korn...
They have some fun stuff!
Can you tell we like putting our kid next to big stuff?
Upadte #5 - our kids are growing up and I LOVE IT!!!! We are doing well, having fun and love being a family!

Apartment for Rent!!

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My parents have moved to St. George.
We are renting 1/2 of their house.
The other half is for rent! (Due to zoning codes it can only be rent to family... so if you or someone you know can be SOMEHOW related to us or ANYONE in the family... let me know!!!!

Basement - across the street from the junior high school in Lehi
3 bedrooms
1 bathroom (2 sinks)
Attached garage
Wood burning stove
Glass top stove
Separate temperature control
Grass yard
Great neighbors
TONS OF STORAGE!!! (including a full storage room)
$700 month plus utilities (split with us)