Hot Dog

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Merrill's favorite new show is "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." Due to the brilliant work of the band called, "They Might be Giants" the final song (and Merrill's favorite) is the HOT DOG DANCE! So, conclusively the show is now called Hot Dog in our house and any of the Disney characters seen on the show are called Hot Dog! This video is one of the first times I have been able to get some relatively decent footage of our son without him grabbing the camera!
(On the side note, he normally counts to 10 on his own and loves to sing the alphabet!)

There is an APP for that!

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Apple is a great company! About a week ago, my husband told me that he knew that I was 25 weeks along and had 15 weeks to go. I was completely baffled, Mark new a detail of my pregnancy? As I stared dumbfounded at him, he presented his ipod touch and said that he downloaded an application that will help him keep up to date on the pregnancy, and when contractions start for labor, he can time them and keep track of how far apart they are just with the touch of a screen. I can now say as I never have before that I am an apple fan!


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So - not much has been going on for us lately. School, work and just life. We are doing well, but we are just kind of uneventful right now.
However, Merrill is going crazy!! He is learning so much and so fast! I did a report on baby sign and I found research that states that the average 2 year old has a working vocabulary of 50-70 words. I started a list of Merrill's words and I had to stop at 130 because I ran out of room on the paper! He can count (recite) to 10 and knows most of the alphabet. (I credit PBS!)
He is dancing, singing, "saying prayers" and just being my cute sweeite pie! I am so glad to be his mommy!

What a stud muffin!


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Why is it that kids can do things and it is cute, but if one adult did it to another it would make them furious? My example today is this:
On the fourth of July Mark's parents were super sweet and bought a kiddie pool for their grandkids to use while they are over. Merrill's splashing turned into a proxy water fight to see who they could convince Merrill to dump water on next. Everyone's legs pretty much ended up soaked from the events, and after a while Merrill ended up ignoring everyone telling him what to do and had a ball splashing the way he does not get to in the tub.
Just wondering...


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I am a slacker! I am sorry! With the pregnancy, school and just stuff I am just...lazy - sorry all! But! We have had a fun couple of weeks! In June we went to the annual Merrill Family Reunion. We had an absolute blast with all of my siblings and their families. We did some crazy stuff like:

Mark and Merrill on the water "slide"

Mark and Merrill on the Treasure Hunt

On the Nature Walk Merrill found a stump that he really liked, once he was there, he sat down, folded his arms and started jabbering just like when we say family prayer. It was so sweet! I sat with him for a bit. I felt the sweet joy of having a son so close to the spirit. I think it was just a special spot for him and he was thanking his Heavenly Father for the beautiful nature. Such a sweet moment!

We also had a pretty serious game of kickball - and everyone let
me be pitcher so the didn't have to run the whole time for me!

As part of the reunion we get our family pictures done. Look at my handsome boys!

By way of other news - we gave Merrill another hair cut - a major one! This was him in front of the TV getting ready for the butchering.

I also had a BLAST with my friend Heather Kimball throwing a shower for our friend Amy Noyce. Both girls are awesome and we had fun together!
We finished just in time for Mark, Merrill and I to all catch an awesome cold this week, but we are on the mend!

Last but not least - here is a video of Merrill I took today, it features his new haircut and his mad Wii skills!

Until next time! Thanks for reading!