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So if there is anyone out there that still reads this.... SORRY! I have been a slacker blogger lately! But I have some semi-decent excuses... so here is our update!

#1 Mark got an internship and a company called Procreative he is doing mostly video editing and loving it! He is certainly busy doing that, work, and school! He is also working on Nott Block...
Don't worry... Adam is fine! It is so fun to see Mark so busy with stuff he loves! He will be hopefully finishing his Final Cut Certification course at the end of this semester and have a great portfolio after this internship... so good. Busy, but good!
#2 Merrill and I are learning to do more boyish stuff (well I am...) I learned to make Lego Robots and wrestle, and play baseball.

#3 My little Eleanor is growing so fast! She is officially weaned (for all of our sakes) and chunking up a ton since she has been on formula! She is working on baby oatmeal, rice cereal and green beans. Yummy! This picture was taken after she rolled over for the first time on her own, and was pretty proud of herself!
Then of course Merrill rolled over and had to have his picture taken too!!!!

#4 Mark is just starting a new schedule at work so that he will be a normal sleeper! Yeah! The sun will go down, and so will his eyelids!!! He will still wake up at 4:30 am, but it is better than working graveyard shifts which he has done for the past 2 years! It will be great for the kids to have him here in the evenings and great for me at the end of the day to get a little break!

#5 Personally I am going through some great growth experiences. I have decided that this is my year to focus on my health (with a hubby and kids of course!)
I have had some issues in the past, and finally found a physician that is able to help in some great ways! I am almost down to my goal weight, lowering my BMI, working on muscle mass, strengthening my back, and especially my lower back which has really had some issues with pregnancy. I am trying some differently things with pancreas and thyroid support that are really helping my energy too! I am eating differently, and feeding the family differently... I even stunk up the house with cooking fish! (Sorry again Mark!) But, I feel good about the steps I am taking and I am working to be able to walk the 5K for Pioneer Week in June. Maybe next year I will run it!
SO.... that is us for now.