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I have been having a blast lately feeling all home-makey and having the resources and energy to do it! My accomplishments are not really brag worthy, but here is some of my sharing:
I learned how to can! My first endeavor, nectarines and tomatoes from my parents garden. I love the feeling of building our food storage!

Mark and Merrill helping making cookies for family time. Merrill loves the Kitchen Aid!

Merrill benefits from my baking urges!

I am even trying sewing again - this is the first project I have ever tried that actually turned out the way it was supposed to. It even fits over the prego-belly.

It doesn't look great - but I tried to make a chocolate cake from scratch (I usually use the box) and it tasted a lot better than it looks!

This has to be my FAVORITE! I found a recipe for a nectarine cream pie and I have already made 2! Yummy!


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I have had so many questions about the Usborne books - this is great!
To make it easier...
Here is the simple sum up:

*I love these books! The are educational for kids and range from picture books, bath books, and first word books, all of the way up to high school reference books. There are books about dragons, volcanos, princesses, abridged classics, books with CD's, flash cards, games, Kid Kits (books with activities) and even Spanish!
*80% of the books published by Usborne are under$10
*If anything ever happens to your book - there is a lifetime 50% refund policy (no questions asked!)
*If you have friends or family interested in the books, and you want to have a party for them to order the books - you get books for free!!!!
*Because I am a new consultant - if you book a party before November 2 you can get double the free books!
*Here is the link for the website to browse around in: CLICK HERE


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Anna, Mary, Janae (Matt's new wife!) and Matt
Last night we went to the BEE'S Game is Salt Lake - we all loved it!

The highlight for me was when the pitcher was winding up and Merrill said with him 1,2,3 throw! Then proceeded to launch a fruit snack into a guy's head 5 rows ahead of us!

We had hot dogs before we left, so what is a game without Popcorn? Merrill ate most of it himself!


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Check out some of the books and get me your address if you want to come the show on August 21st - 7:30 pm. Yeah books!

You are invited to an Usborne Books eShow to explore the world of Usborne Books. A child's interest in reading and learning is stimulated by the lavish illustrations and informative content. There are over 1300 bright, colorful and fun titles covering activities, puzzles and a wide range of subjects for children of all ages.

Usborne Books - the books kids love to read!

Hosted by: Deb Nott
When: Today thru 8/25/2009 11:59:00 PM
Everyone is welcome, so invite a friend.

It's a rewarding experience when a child opens a book and discovers the magic of reading.


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Before Merrill was born we received a great gift of some children's books from a brand called USBORNE. I have looked for a long time to find more of them, they are Merrill's favorites and they have held up really well! I finally found out that they are available through at home business consultants. Well, to make a long story short I am now a consultant for a brand of books that I love!

I will be posting a website soon, hosting my first "show" and will have access to share these great books with anyone that wants them.

Just as a side note - No Fear! I am not really trying to pursue this as a huge business, I just love the books and I am excited to tell you about it!