Lehi Love

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Last night Mark and I went to a reunion of our High School Drama Department. It was so much fun! It was great to see everyone again and catch up. It is amazing how people have and have not changed - plus there was awesome food.

It did get me thinking however, there are a lot of people that both Mark and I know that married people from Lehi - even if they didn't know each other in high school:

Mark and Deb Nott (that's us)
Dan and Jen Merrill
Davy and Natalie Crockett
Mark and Celeste Christiansen
Mike and Gretchen Monson
Dustin an Amber Kunz
Bob and Tracy Smith
Kendall and Melissa Powell
Eli and Chelsi Nielsen
Chris and Michelle Southworth
Adam and Jennifer Orgill
Branden and Hope Mortensen
Levi and Bonnie Jones
Joe and Linsday Price

Crazy huh? If you know of anyone else let me know - I had fun putting together this list!

Nott Block

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Mark and his brothers have been working on a video project called Nott Block. It is some fun stuff! They have been doing trailers and promos for a few months now, and yesterday was the release of the first episode.

If you are interested here is the link to Mark's blog - start at the very bottom of the page so that you can see the promos in chronological order - and the first episode is at the top of the page.


You can also see them on youtube:


or itunes:


I am very proud! ENJOY!!!!

*** On a personal note, I have my 1st Doctor's appointment on April 2 - I will have more details about the pregnancy then, but I think we are probably due around November 9 sih. It is great because my birthday is October 23, Merrill's on the 30 and if this baby is smart and wants it's birthday remembered it will come exactly one week after that! I am about as sick as I was with Merrill, but it is a lot harder because I can't just come home from work and sleep. Mark has been giving up a lot of his sleep for me to help and been an absolute trooper!


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So, I am pregnant! I am so excited! It is a surprise for us, but a great one! Merrill is going to be such a cute big brother, and I am exited for another little one. I think I am about 6 weeks along and very blessed to have such a super hubby to help while I am not feeling at my best.