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So it finally happened! After trying to manage Merrill's mane yesterday for church, both Mark and I agreed that it was time for Merrill to lose the locks...sigh...I sat him down in front of the TV on a towel and off the curls came!

Merrill in front of the TV - it is great he gets so distracted!

Yes it really was this long... and then...


He looks so grown up!


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So, I know this will probably embarrass my husband a little bit, but here is an blog about my honey on his birthday!!!!!

Isn't he cute?

What a smile!

This picture was taken on the day we received the first "addition" to our little family in 05 - our first Mac! What a happy daddy! : )

No, in all seriousness (here is comes the mushy stuff) I love Mark so much! He is a wonderful man and works hard to fight for truth. He is caring and compassionate and I will always love his honesty, sense of humor and love for things of beauty (even if I don't think all the electronics he loves are as beautiful as he does!)
He loves me and our son Merrill and is sensitive to our needs. He is always willing and ready to help out! He will always hug me, and is ready at a drop of a hat to play with Merrill and let him know he is loved - especially when my patience has run it's course for the day!

I love you Mark! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Myths Busted!

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Mark found this link from Myth Busters - I am so glad someone finally did it!

Moving Memoirs

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We are moving tomorrow. I have been spending the last two weeks just working, organizing and packing. I have not really thought about the fact that I am leaving. Don't get me wrong - I am so excited! I am excited to be closer to friends and family and to have more room! There are so many things I am happy for. Something just hit me today as Merrill was in his bath before bedtime... this is the only home he has ever known. This is the home I brought him home to. He had all of his firsts here. His baths in the bathroom sink, his first steps in the living room on his birthday, his first words, his first time wrestling with Daddy, his first time kissing Mommy... everything.
I guess what I am trying to say is that this year and a half has been no doubt the hardest of my life, I guess because of all of the hard times, as crazy as it sounds, I am endeared to this place for giving me a home.  I guess the bare walls, lack of sleep and boxes everywhere just got to me. This is a good close to this season of our lives, and I am excited for what is ahead.
On a fun note - we had fun playing with some painters tape again!