Dinner Group

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A few years ago, we helped to start a dinner group of friends. At least one member of each couple knew someone from high school, and I love that we are still friends! We have continued to try to meet monthly (for those of us still in town) and each bring part of the meal to share, alternating hosting houses. When the group started there was only one child and not everyone was married yet... through the years, people have moved, babies have been born and last night... we all got together again for dinner. It was great!

The whole group

Melissa, Martha, Amy, Deb, and Heather

Yes, three of us are expecting!

I managed to borrow enough high chairs for all 6 kids!

Merrill, Avery, Talmage, Brookie, Mercedes, and Otto

Dan, Kendall, Scott, Ken, and Mark

I love having this wonderful tradition and group of friends. I hope that we can keep it going and always stay in touch. Thanks again to everyone that helped - it was good to have you all!


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I really have been a slacker about blogging lately! There are a list of excuses I could give, but basically I am just lazy. So here is our update:
We are all moved in and there are just a few days of some "finishing construction" that needs to happen, before we are all done. Luckily my parents were a lot smarter than we were and hired professionals, so it shouldn't take that long! 
Mark is still working, going to school, and doing the occasional film project (click) to keep himself busy while waiting for fall semester and his work schedule to change so he can take some actual film classes! (Ug to generals!) He loves having his own office and a space all his own.

Merrill is also loving his new house! He is sleeping through the night (HALLELUJAH!) and running around and playing most of the time! It is great to see him so happy and spending time with cousins and friends. He is learning more words and trying to talk a lot more than I can actually understand. It is fun to watch him try because he thinks that what he is saying makes perfect sense, but when I try to get him to say the actual word him he doesn't understand that what he just said wasn't even close. It is pretty cute.
I am enjoying, but weirded out by being home again, but due to the renovations and having our own apartment we are renting down here, it doesn't quite feel the same. My parents are super awesome and totally respect our privacy, and because my mom writes from home Merrill and I even get to borrow her car on occasion while Mark is gone all day. I am in heaven!  
I have gone to Kohler's and seen old cowboys with no teeth driving their pickups - I even pulled out a few of my old country CD's! (Yes Mark was appalled!) 
It was also nice to sit outside last week, smell the fresh air (no cigarette smoke), listen to the birds (not our neighbors screaming swears at their poor dog), and when my parents have people over, I never worry if a fight is going to break out and I will have to call the cops! Don't get me wrong, I loved our condo. It was our first little family home, and the ward was amazing! We grew a lot as a family there, but I am ready for the next season of life. 
Our ultrasound went well, and the baby looks healthy and good. I also felt movement last week - which for all you moms out there you know it's awesome! I have also had fun seeing old friends that have come into town, and I am close enough to see and spend time with them, and all in all - life is just good!

Ultrasound today!

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We are getting our ultrasound today! I still don't want to find out the gender of our baby until it is born - but Mark is having a hard time with it. He wants to know now! But, I guess I am the pregnant one so I WIN!!! : )