Batman Christmas

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Merry Christmas! We had a great week. Mark's parents housed Merrill and me for a few days so that Mark could have a much needed mini-vacation of some time to himself.  We had a blast playing games, running errands and genuinely spending some time with family! I love that my family-in-law is really family. I am blessed! Mark joined us for Christmas Eve and now we are all home on Christmas day.
One of the traditions, I love the most from my youth is Christmas PJ's - so I carry it on. Mark and I got matching scrub pants (and yes we happened to have these shirts around the house) and I purchased Merrill his very own Batman PJ's to match. 
We had so much fun Christmas morning opening presents, giving presents and watching Merrill run around enjoying the sprit of the holiday! 

Grandpa and Grandma Nott got Merrill a glow worm (which Mark had the original of when he was young) He gave it hugs, kisses and carried around all morning!

We just had a wonderful Christmas  and I had to show off some of my cookies I made for our ward Christmas party! 


Just that lazy!

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Here is our Christmas Card! 
Merry Christmas!