Sunny St George

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So I was getting pretty burned out and trying to beat the winter blues...
My parents moved to St. George and on a sudden impulse Friday morning I packed up the kids and drove down for a visit! Mark was super supportive. Probably because he got the weekend and whole house to himself : )
But we had a blast. We stayed at my parent's house and hung out with my sister and her family (they migrated to the sun as well) and all in all just had a great visit.
I feel pretty empowered! Great fun!

Dinner with the whole St. George Clan

Hiking on the Red Rocks - beautiful!


We found some awesome little caves that were cool and we got a nice break from the sun.

Merrill is not used to hiking so his 5 year old cousin Becca helped him up the trails.

Nora wouldn't let me carry her much - she had to do it herself! Miss Independent!

My parents have set aside a lot of their downstairs to accommodate visiting family - it was great! So much better (and cheaper) that a hotel!

It was a great trip and I am so glad I went! Merrill keeps asking to go back already.