Mega Post

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There has been so much going on - most of which includes runny noses and the wonderful discovery of children's Advil... however - here are some of the Nott's happenings:
Nora loved Iceburg!

She is growing up so fast!

Merrill is having more and more fun being silly and developing a fun sense of humor.

We took our annual trip to the Healing Field and it was great.

My Grandparent planted peach trees years ago and I am loving discovering new ways to reap the benefits!

I just thought this would make for a cute Mommy and Nora moment...

Our long lost friends Danny and Heather came to Utah from Denver for a visit - they even braved the germs to see us with their adorable kids - Brookie and brand new Tanner!

This is what happens while I vacuumed the other day - Merrill wanted to help with the dishes. He used the last of my dish soap, but was a sweetie.

Life goes on, school for me, work for Mark, and two adorable kids for us both to love.
Life is good!

Girl's Retreat

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This weekend was awesome!!! I went on a Girl's Retreat with my sisters! (Well most of the them are sisters-in-law, but honestly in my family we don't really count that!) One of our sisters was stuck in St. George with a sick family and we really missed her!

We started with dinner at Texas Roadhouse and the waiter flirted shamelessly with all of us! (Especially my single sister Sarah that it turned out he new from the gym!)
(Left: Julie, Jen, Sarah. Right: Me, Jenae, Cathy)

Then we found a great deal at a hotel in Sandy and did pedicures, talked and hung out in the hot tub!
After the best night's sleep I have had in a long time we hung out at the pool all morning, played games over pizza and then those of us that didn't have to get back right away went to the dollar movie.

We totally have to make this an annual tradition!!!!