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From the Notts and Dr. Seuss!


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I am so grateful to be your mommy. I am so proud of what you have become! You are such a patient, sweet and generous boy. I love how you are close to the spirit, learn and grow every day and teach me so much! Our family is blessed to have you!

Thank you for being part of our family!

Random Update

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I have been a terrible blogger lately pretty much because I just have not felt up to it! I whacked out my back a few weeks ago (better now) then got hit with a flu (better now) and am 3 weeks from my due date (yeah!) All complaining aside - I am so grateful for Mark! He has done so much to really lighten my load and take charge around the house when he is home.
So, aside from my griping, here is what we have been up to!

Merrill is growing up so fast! He is really helping a lot getting ready for the new baby and being so great to plan independently for long periods of time or watch TV when I don't feel well. I am blessed with a super sweet little boy!

Our Baby approx. 35 weeks

Merrill has found he loves walking around in our shoes - especially my heels.

We all love the fall weather with hats, jackets, the crisp air and beautiful leaves!

We rather spontaneously went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.

Merrill loved the little Jail house (should I be worried?) and the duckies.

We met our friends the Kimballs there. Mark and Danny entertained the kids (and themselves) with an interactive water shooting statue.

Merrill is finally starting to learn his colors! He has not shown interest in so long that I was worried he was color blind or something, but after a few days of focusing on one color he is starting to get it. This is a picture of our RED DAY! We both wore red shirts, ate red pancakes and strawberries.

On a side note - as you can tell, he is still working on perfecting his photo smile - whenever he sees a camera he pulls the best faces!