My first 5K

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I did my first 5K today! I totally underestimated myself and just walked the whole thing finishing in 40 minutes. My sister and I just talked the whole time! However, I am determined - next time I am going to run it!
Mark brought the kids down!
Merrill kept telling me that I got the hight score... : )
My sister Sarah, niece Amy and me.
Family Fun!

Family Reunion

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The annual Merrill Family Reunion!
Nature Walk

Merrill with his favorite cousin Becca

SO GREAT to have my Grandma Rippy this year!

Mark having fun with the camera!

Nora just chillin'

It was such a great weekend! LOVE THE FAMILY!!!!

Mega post

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Yes, I am a slacker! I am sorry (if anyone still reads this besides Heather.) But! Here is an update!
Merrill and I are having a blast! I love my little boy! He is gaining independence and it is so fun to see!
I have had a weird eye infection which has meant no contacts or make-up for a few weeks, but it is gone now.. yeah! I have had some fun moments with my glasses though - like steaming up over a bowl of spaghetti! In this picture you can also see Merrill's hand which got burned on our stove - he was such a trooper even when it blistered up and got gross!
Merrill and Nora are getting to be great friends and it is fun to see them interact!
Nora just ADORES Merrill!
Thanks to Uncle Matt we got to go to another Bee's game this year - Merrill liked it (and the ice cream!)
Nora did pretty well too!
This is a horrible picture because it is from a text, but in preparation for my family reunion we had a family temple trip - a lot of the family had other obligations, so it was the girls and my Dad! Fun times! (Believe it or not I was the only one that was not a Sister Merrill!)