Family Photos

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So my brother-in-law takes amazing pictures...

Plus he had some good looking models!

St Patrick's Day

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Mark is quite the Post-it artist!
For St. Patrick's Day we had a fun Green party, with Zucchini muffins, jell-o and my Mom's green drink! Super fun!
We had Merrill's cousin Becca over and a leprechaun visited our house leaving footprints to follow and fun coloring pages!
Merrill's shirt reads, "It seemed like a good idea at the time..." I thought his face was perfect for this!


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Big change! Merrill is now in a big boy bed and the kids are sharing a room! I was SO SCARED to try it, but so far things are working out great. We have had a few nights of Merrill running around and getting out of bed, but Nora is a great sleeper and for the most part slept through his efforts to drive us crazy!
I am also LOVING the crazy bits of warm weather! It feels so good to get out of the house! I bundle up the kids and we go for walks. This is my favorite jacket on Nora...
And Merrill just had to take his blanket with him... he is my super boy!
Yeah for happy changes!