Western Family Wins!

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The Grocery Guru advertises a cheaper and easier way to buy groceries - I tried the basics of his method, and I was running through the store, thumbing through coupons, and found other brands right next to the recommend ones that were the same price or cheaper! For me, Western Family Wins! They are easy to find, inexpensive products, and I don't have to mess with coupons. Yes, I do appreciate the weekly menu from "the guru", I use it as a suggestion and get all Western Family brand products instead! 

Cosby Show

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Merrill's First Haircut!

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When Merrill was born his head was pretty bald! But his hair was growing  in so well, the back was getting a little shaggy looking. I was hoping it would be thicker so that the little natural curl that he got from Mark would make it curl up around the back of his collar, but it just looked like a mullet! So, alas, the cute curl had to go! 

 This was all we got from the cut, and I got a good chunk out of the back (it is hard to get a moving target!) But, he looks pretty good!

Oh! Sorry I forgot to add to my other blog, I am going to SLCC! (Math and Philosophy!)

Here I go!!!

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I'm off! I am going to go back to school! I start this semester!!! 
I am right with Cousin Jamie it would have been a lot easier to do this before I was married with a kid - but a few things have inspired me on this decision.

#1 - The talk given by Elder Ballard  in the last General Conference.  I have always wanted to be a mommy, and now that I am  - it is weird for me to realize that I can do other stuff too - in fact I should! Merrill needs more than just me! It will be great for he and Mark to spend some time with just the two of them on a regular basis!

#2 -  St. Chapel Cathedral in Paris:
The first semester after Mark and I were married, before I started full time work, I took a class in Art History and I fell in love with this beautiful cathedral! I am going to get my degree in humanities and emphasize my study in art history.

#3 My Mom. 
One of the best memories I have of my mother is on my very first day at BYU (5 years ago!) She called me as I was walking to my first class and wished me luck saying that the "smell of freshly sharpened pencils was in the air!" My mother has ALWAYS loved learning! She instilled in my by her example the desire to learn and never stop. All that she has been able to do and be inspires me.


Encore Show Choir

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In High School I was in a group called Encore - it was a blast!!! Last weekend we had a reunion (I can't believe it has been 6 years!) Anyway, none of my pictures from the reunion really turned out, but it was so much fun to see friends, and watch videos of old performances!

Pills in the Air

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This clip is a little long, but I only like the first half.
I like it for 2 reasons:
#1 How the reporters say Beijing (there has been controversy/teasing on the news on the way to pronounce it.)
#2 The pill demonstration, just after the "expert" tells the reporter how bad the air quality is for the Olympics - he demonstrates it in a very medicinal way...

The viewers apparently can't grasp that 10x means 10 more... yeah. I thought it was great.

Family Photos!

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The Merrill Family

The Nott Family


'Nuff Said

No Pants!

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Warning to readers:
This is just a "cute baby moment" Mommy blog.
It has been so hot lately, and our cooler has been having some issues, so I have been cooling Merrill off by letting him crawl around the house a little "scantily clad". : ) Earlier this week I put him down for a nap and when I went to get him out of his crib he was standing up, playing with the baby monitor (we have one with a built in night light that turns on and off when you tap on it) and had crawled out of his pants all by himself. He is so fun and finding all sorts of things to pull himself up on and getting so strong! I love this kid!!!
On a side note - I can't believe it is already August!!!