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In January my awesome in-laws informed us that they wanted to take the family on a cruise! With loving family on my side that was gracious enough to watch my kids for a whole week - we were off!
We left on Sunday after Merrill's first primary program and drove to St. George, and then on to LA on Monday. We met up with the rest of the family that had left earlier and headed to the dock. We boarded our boat and then Tuesday morning we were at Catalina Island!

Catalina was great! There were fun shops, good treats and we even went parasailing! The weather was a bit cold - but I had my hot chocolate and was a happy camper.

On the boat we enjoyed a variety of activities including a sing along with a very talented piano player. We had great food, karaoke, games and some interesting shows!
On Wednesday we arrived at Ensenada, Mexico. That was not what I had expected... but we still had fun!
Oh yeah - and on the boat the decor was very colorful and we were surrounded by these egg things - they were even be-jewled!
This is me in front of our boat at Ensenada.
We went horseback riding along the beach - I love that Matt was loaded with is camera equipment no matter where we went!
Doesn't Mark look at home on a horse? (ha ha!)
On Thursday we stayed all day on the boat and played games, watched shows and slept.
After landing in LA on Friday - we went to Universal Studios!
The new Simpsons ride was hilarious!
No explanation necessary...
We had so much fun! I didn't realize how much I love roller coasters!
This one turned out a bit fuzzy - but Anna is so cute!
The whole day was crazy - we were literally running all over the park!
So, a great week - wonderful to get away and oh yeah - I freakin' love my hubby! Thanks Mom and Dad Nott!!!!


Heather said...

Sooo fun! I'm glad you had a great time!!! Yeah!

whitney said...

How fun! How great for y'all to have such a fabulous sans-kids vacation!